Yay! The complete House of Anubis Season 1 is out on DVD today, so if you need to swot up on all the action back to back you can! http://ow.ly/9vbH8.. Childhood. A precious time of our live in which we spend eating, drinking, sleeping, and most important of all, watching the television. The whole new world of.... Patricia encourages the others to become involved in an initiation ceremony for Nina - the first part of the ceremony is to steal Victor's keys to the attic. Nina quickly.... New student Nina arrives from America at Anubis House - a spooky old boarding school that is to be her home for the next few years. But she has no idea of the.... Jan 5, 2019 I love this show so much! Korrina: Nina Martin Clemont: Fabian Rutter Serena: Amber Millington Misty: Patricia Williamson Ash: Alfie Lewis. This is the theme song of House of Anubis. It is different from the original series', Het Huis Anubis and Das Haus Anubis. For the original series' theme song.... Welcome to Anubis House. It' is at this boarding school that students begin settling in for the academic year only to find one student missing, a secret panel in the... 538a28228e

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